Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thing 15 - Voicethread

Well, even though I'm commenting in my blog about Thing 15 in order, I actually made my Voicethread comments a couple of weeks ago, when Alicia posted this task. It IS cool. I experimented with commenting by drawing, typing, and "phoning in" my comments. It was fun to see what others did. It would be interesting to see whether this would actually be a good teaching (or learning) tool. Though it seems neat and collaborative, it seems there would be quicker ways to get fellow-learners to pool their knowledge. I liked the possibility for delivering a lesson online (as the art teacher did in the demo we watched), but a video might work just as well. It seems that Voicethread, just like Animoto, would be most effective if the content were minimized. Short and sweet and get to the point. Otherwise, even WITH the visuals and the audio, it seems to drag on too long without really GOING anywhere.

A tour of the library for new students might be nice -- to point out where they could go for different types of materials. We could add comments on how to find and use our catalog, where to find the biographies, where our "Book of the Day" and new books are displayed, and so on.

Seems to leave out the ELL students, unless you used a native language for the voiceover while typing the English -- or something like that. (too bad both modes of comments won't "play" at the same time!)

I will be fascinated to see if any teachers find a way to use this at RB -- please let me know if you do!

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