Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thing 13 - Animoto

I love the idea of Animoto, and found it not-too-hard to do. But then I realized that I hadn't used it to its full potential. I only included images, and didn't do some of the text- or video- options. I want to play with this some more. I love the examples by students, and could definitely see this as an option for students doing a presentation. Especially students trying to make an impression or catch one's attention. This kind of presentation doesn't allow for a lot of information content, but it sure would allow students to set the mood or make an emotional impact. Nice to allow students to use visuals, and to demonstrate their visual literacy, too.

Here is the video I created - no, it has nothing to do with school or education. But I had lots of pictures at home, and since Bob and I just celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary . . .

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