Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thing 11 - Shelfari

I already have a LibraryThing account (deweyfritz), so decided to try out Shelfari. I had admired the one publicized by the LT South library media specialist, Kelly Gibson. It is much more graphically pleasing than LibraryThing - looks like an actual bookshelf, but allows for many of the same functions as LThing --reviews, groups, tags, and sharing with friends -- but this one ALSO allows me to keep track of books I've lent to friends (a necessity now that my brain no longer retains that information!) I can also build a wish list that I could share with those who buy me gifts. So all in all, for my personal AND professional life, I'm glad to be on a shelfari! (username deweyfritz)

Thing 10

After a long hiatus, I was encouraged to get going again when I saw that Alicia had posted even MORE things - I'm so far behind! But I love the idea of a NING - it's kind of a protected webpage - (though others can see it, so not REALLY protected and private). But a great place to share ideas. How would I use it? Maybe just to help teachers to develop their own NING for a class or a club - and link it from our website. But it allow for the interactivity and sharing of Facebook without the total worldwide exposure and goof-offiness of FB.