Monday, January 11, 2010

Thing 9: Customizing my Blog

I added a poll (about New Year's resolutions), the Flickr slideshow, and a means by which people could easily subscribe to my posts via RSS feeds, etc. There were already several gadgets there -- a list of followers (with their pictures!), a Blog archive, and an "all about me" profile. So now I have 6 gadgets. More to come . . .

Flickr: Thing 8

My Flickr account screen name is "deweyfritz".

Having used Kodak Gallery, Shutterfly, and other photo sharing websites before, I found Flickr pretty easy to use. Our previous 17-Things experiences with tagging also came in handy. I like the idea of creating folders (i.e. Collections) in which to gather groupings (i.e. Sets) of uploaded pictures - one problem with my other online photo accounts is that they tend to accumulate, and I need to browse through a bunch of folders to find the one I want.

As for the educational uses for Flickr, I am interested to look into that. I browsed the site for "library display" options, and found myself wishing that more librarians would post their pictures, because the ones I found were somewhat limited -- only one tagged with "library display winter", for example.

I found Alicia's and Melissa's and Allison's photostreams - though I have to admit it's because Alicia gave me the names. It takes so LONG to look through everybody's blogs to get those details. Sigh. (What a whiner, huh?)