Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thing 12 - Creative Commons

This might not be as wonderful as I had hoped. Finding content in CC is not very easy - I searched for music that our TV kids could use to save us some software money currently used to purchase copyright-free music for their TV productions. But I got caught in a seemingly-neverending loop of assorted websites. Some linked to Myspace and other music-distribution websites. One that looked promising (royalty free music library) charged $79 per "album". So the ROYALTY was free, but not the music. Most of the websites that were in the list when I searched for "copyright free music" linked to sites that don't have a creative commons link. This might not be useful for me. Or else I have to spend a TON more time on here learning to use it -- and you KNOW that students won't want to go to that trouble.

I guess this goes against the grain of my librarian soul which wants to make information easily available to students. It might be nice for people trying to license their own productions, but not so much for people searching for licensed works to use.

Final grades (on a 1-5 scale, 1 being low) for:
Usefulness = 2
User-friendliness = 1
Organization = 1

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