Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thing 14: Wiki

Well, Alicia D., I think that (from looking at Welker's econ wiki) a wiki might offer more formatting opportunities than Google Docs. I think both equally invite collaborative content creation. I liked all the different ways that Mr. Welker set up his wiki -- he had obviously been AT it for a long time! and experimented with a variety of uses for his class. As you might recall, I thought that Weebly was somewhat limited in its layout options. It seems that wetpaint allows a lot of widgets, sharing among different sites such as FaceBook, Twitter, etc., and it INVITES viewers to participate in a way that a weebly website wouldn't. All in all, I think they are all more useful for teachers than our current Curriculum Page option, where the librarian usually sets up the page and posts it to the web. A wiki allows teachers to do their own updates regularly. And for organizing a course with student postings, chapter summaries and links to helpful resources, polling options, and so on, this wiki tool seems really helpful. I am going to set one up for our preparation for the School Board presentation. That way you, Susie, and I can all throw things into the mix and not lose ideas or actual paper in my mess of an office. -- Doreen F.

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