Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I just found this one in the ISLMA listserv. It looks like a great way for students (and others) to organize thoughts and, as the website says, manage tasks and priorities. One of the objections to our Big6 projects has been that students don't have the chance to authentically select what kinds of information they are looking for. If we determine both their topics and their subtopics, that's not leaving students much room for decision-making. Yes, they do get practice in looking/scanning the resources for needed information, and in organizing that information into the predetermined categories (subtopics). But they will need to get to the point where they determine for themselves what information is vital to report in a research paper or other project. Mindomo just might be a tool they could use as they gather information. It is flexible, web-based, and can be adjusted as they collect information. I'll have to play with this one a bit more, but it looks promising!

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